For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.

~Eric Roth


Gift Guide: For when you have no idea what to get your colleagues


  1. Aesop hand lotion ($27) 2. Make eating ice cream hassle-free! ($20) 3. This sketchpad ($19) makes office communication so much easier 4. This is the perfect coffee table book to show off your city. 5. S’well (from $35) bottles to keep drinks in perfect temperature 6. Give their working desks some life with dinosaur planters (from $16) 7. For the ones you always catch on their phones, might as well play this game ($20)

Gift Guide: For your girl friend who knows you inside out and cooks for you when you’re sick

1. Mermaid Blanket ($50) to keep her warm while watching her favorite series 2. Glossier Black Tie Set ($50) is perfect for all holiday parties she’ll be attending 3. Nothing says BFFs like jewelry (from $38) 4. Who run the world? Girls. ($30) 5. Make sure you remind her of your solid friendship with this ceramic mug from Heath ($36). 6. Make girls’ night in more special with these face masks (Set of 11 $11). 7. Nude nail polish goes with anything ($34)

Gift Guide: For the cool guy in your life whose taste in everything is always above par


1. Scarf ($65) to keep him warm cause baby it’s cold outside. 2. Tattly ($30) set because he’s been thinking of getting inked but isn’t sure whether he can pull it off. 3. Unique socks ($10) for his unique personality 4. Sonos ($169) speakers because you share the same taste in music 5. Adult coloring book ($10) is trending so why not! 6. Annual pass (from $100) to MoMA because it’s about time you get some culture and spend quality time simultaneously. 7. Nintendo NES ($60) is Nostalgia!

On being an adult

Day 1.

I’m taking a break from unpacking what I’ve been dragging with me for just more than a year: my life compressed in folds of clothes and sealed boxes with confusing labels. A series of life-changing events has unfolded within last month, which makes me proud to be able to finally call myself an adult, something I—and my parents, definitely—feel I should’ve been a long time ago. I guess I’m just thrilled to share some good news since grad school.

I have a job! The funemployment phase quickly diminished two weeks after graduation and what followed was a self-doubt state of mind. It was not easy waking up to rejection e-mails and finding motivation to send applications throughout the day. I wrote about undergoing uncertainty and keeping in mind that effort, pain, and difficulty are all necessary elements of achieving goals. Suffice to say, being employed makes me thankful every weekday that I get to join the rush hour commute.

I bought a mattress! I didn’t realize how exciting mattresses could be. While I remember having to go to a mattress store with my parents a long time ago, I decided to give e-commerce a try, and it was extremely convenient that I recommend this to everyone. Being in SF, I also got it within the day that I ordered it so I didn’t have to wait like I would if I went to a brick and mortar. It felt like Christmas morning unboxing the mattress, and I slept like a baby on my own mattress that I bought. It felt good saying that last bit.

I moved to a new apartment! While I now live opposite the city, I am just a hop away from Ocean beach and Golden Gate park. I think this neighborhood also fits my personality. It’s quiet yet it has its own charm. It has good coffee shops and brunch places that people still queue for and I like to think it’s not just about the hype. This place is just what I need. No frills.

Occasionally, it feels surreal to be where I am now. Sometimes I think I got lucky, but I like to think I also deserve a bit of credit for not giving up and for being courageous enough to pursue my goals. Well, I probably should do my laundry now…

Happy Weekend


I hope you have a great weekend! I missed Bon Iver’s three shows here in Oakland. I would’ve gone if resell prices weren’t up to 200%. I just can’t justify that price, but I also missed a great opportunity to see him live. One day.

Here’s some great links:

On Bon Iver coming out of hibernation!

Let’s play this ping pong!

Placebo buttons. I’m guilty of pressing them too many times.

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I love this short film.

I might go back to LA for Guillermo de Toro.

Photo from NPR.


Do you meditate?

The whole concept of meditation for me was daunting. I remembered watching Eat, Pray, Love and seeing Julia Roberts meditate for hours in India. I wasn’t convinced if I could sit still, close my eyes, and observe my breathing for a few minutes. Why would someone do that when that time could be used to do something, I don’t know, more practical?

But I recently gave meditation a try with a help of Headspace app. I figured that my mind could use some quiet as it gets too preoccupied, and clearing it for a few minutes might actually help me be more mindful with what goes in and out of my head. I’m on my fourth consecutive day, and I feel better starting my day with meditation. I admit, though, it wasn’t easy the first time. My mind wandered. I became restless that I wanted to flail my arms and move my body. But that’s okay because:

Failure is actually success. The whole game is just trying, failing, starting again, failing starting again.

Even folks at Silicon Valley practice it. Its effects have been known to improve memory, lessen anxiety, and increase productivity. So really, a few minutes of my time everyday is nothing for what meditation does to my wellbeing.